Sunday, September 6, 2009

another letter

this is a letter to the yated, written by a big supporter of AUS, in response to the letter "to mommy and totty," titled "suffering in silence" by the yated.

Dear Editor,
I am not an activist or much of a letter writer, but after reading the letter "suffering in silence" in last week's Yated, I felt I must take pen in hand.
A special "hotline" that's swamped with calls, a website where dozens of frum, young abused women give each other chizuk. What has happened to the goy kadosh? This is not the first "Suffering in Silence" letter. Why are our children afraid to talk to us? Is it because we don't listen?
Please, Roshei Yeshiva and Mechanchim: too many yeshivaleit think shmiras einayim is some "chassidish mumbo jumbo." If they don't learn the chomer ha'issur in yeshiva when/where are they going to learn? It's a slippery slope-looking, touching, and then....R"L.
Parents: when children come to you with horrible allegations, listen! Investigate! Get in touch with the rabbanim and mechanchim who deal with this problem. And get your child help! Whether or not the allegations are true, your child needs help.
And parents: where do you stand? What magazines and other reading material do you have in your home? Unfortunately, there are no longer any "kosher" secular magazines. No, not even Good Housekeeping or Reader's Digest. What radio stations/music is heard in your home? Need I mention the internet?
We have lost all sense of propriety and we have to turn the tide.
It's Chodesh Elul. Let's take a long hard look at our lives and strive to bring more kedusha into our homes, and above all, cry our eyes out to the Ribbono Shel Olam for siyata d'Shmaya, and stop this plague that's destroying our children.
A Concerned Yid


  1. It was the letter with "dear mommy and tatty". You posted it a while ago.


  2. that's what i thought, just had to be sure...

  3. whoever wrote tht letter is awesome! Thanx for your support it means the world to me and my fellow survivors.


please be kind to all the survivors whose letters will be posted, we need gentle love, not bashing!